我要找 ...

笔友, 普通约会,之后可能会结婚, 朋友关系, 柏拉图式, 寻求浪漫 至 婚姻. 
some one should be a really sincere and honest man IN MY EYES. not such kind of guy talk by his mouth. some one know when and how to give. not take and want always some one can share my life and exchange his too 


我来自 : China
省份 : Guangdong
城市 : Guangzhou
生日 : 6 5月 1980
身高 : 169 cm
体重 : 60 kg
眼睛颜色 : 黑色
头发颜色 : 黑色
种族 : 亚洲人
宗教信仰 : 基督教 – 其他
体型 : 强壮
外貌 : 中等
饮酒 : 在社交场合喝酒
吸烟 : 非吸烟者
家庭状况 : 独身
子女 :
职业 : medical lab assistant
语言 : 中文(粤语), 中文(普通话) 至 English.


善良, 认真, 任性, 聪明 至 坦率.
i dont like to describe what a good person i am, because everybody can talk how good he/she is by mouth. and i am a flexible kind.

我喜欢 ...

旅行, 电脑/网络, 游泳, 沙滩运动, 宠物, 艺术, 电影, 音乐, 阅读, 跳舞, 吃饭, 看电视 至 潜水.
animation making, drawing, photography, surf in internet, explore interesting things, etc. the topic i would like to share with firends should be the making of animation, art, music, dance, photography, the truth of bible, philosophy and psychics. they are important in my life. in my spare time i would like to imagine, create, draw, take photos, dance, read and write. sometimes i would go to concerthall for a music concert. sometimes i would go to fine art museum. a good performence of dance is a best choice too. the sport i am stronge in is swimming. i am a very good swimer. and i like scuba diving. i also like skating. i am very poor about that because my city never snow. my job is related to medical experiment in college. i have my own stable income. and of course i would like to travel in the vacation in each year too. i had been to jeju island of korea, brazil, and the philippines. what would be the next then? perhap you would think i am a active person. but actually i like to be quiet more. my passion is internal in heart, not exterior. i dont like crowd and stirabout.